Our Story

Much like the legendary Motown was a disruptive force in the early music industry, Dousic Media and its founders now seek to create a unique movement to disrupt current markets and serve significant and ignored independent digital content creators.

Dousic believes that there is talent everywhere and that independent content creators from every city and town need a place to cultivate, nurture and protect their own creations. Their voices need to be heard and their content deserved to be admired.

Brian Moore, Founder Dousic Media Group

At Dousic Media, we bypass "The Establishment" and focus not only on those who have been "left behind," but instead their fans and supporters as well. If you give an independent content creator (and their fans or customers) a platform and control, two things will happen:

  1. More content will be created and monetized
  2. More content will be consumed

Dousic Media proudly serves independent creators across multiple markets.  Our "Get Paid Where You Are Played" motto is symbolic and it emphasizes that our creators maintain full control of the monetization of their own digital content.

The Dousic Media ecosystem serves ALL independent digital content creators not just indie musicians. The type of content and markets served in the Dousic Media ecosystem are only limited by our users imagination and include:

  • Songs
  • Sound FX
  • Visual FX
  • Motivational Speeches
  • eBooks
  • Photography
  • Digital Art
  • Film & Videos
  • Gaming VODs