Selling Your image on Dousic

When sharing is involved,there is always a chance that someone will break the ties that bind and violate your trust.often photos and vdeos that are post on Facebook,Twitter,and other social sites are copied and reused by other without your consent.Worry no more.Dousic provides one sure-platform that will stop any and all digital photography thefts.Though on Dousic Photo Upload Platform it upto you to have your photo shared as you do in facebook and Twitter ,or you can use watermaking process to make your image available to sell.

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Why Dousic is the best place to sell your stock images

  • 1. It’s Time to do you, because you are a Brand. Just like celebrities like Beyonce, Kim K, and many more, protecting your brand the key to generating revenue, and the photos you post to the internet is a part of that branding. Knowing everything you post to the internet either hurt or helps your brand is key.
  • 2. Get paid by advertisers that visit our Dousic photo store that may like your photos. You set the price, they pay it straight into your Dousic account.
  • 3. Unlike other agencies we don’t edit on content; our Quality Control (QC) checks are just on technical criteria. If you think you have a image that a customer might want, then we just need to be confident that our customers are not going to have any technical issues when they buy your images.

Good percentage and a non-exclusive contract

We offer you the best deal than other agencies, you pay only a month housing fee of $10.99 and you keep 100% of all the sales your photos generate (the industry average is 30% to the contributor). We’re really easy to work with, we’re non-exclusive and we don’t tie you into a long-term contract.

My Dousic

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have an account called My Dousic. Here you can:

Upload your images

See the progress of your image submissions

Add captions, tags and other details

Track your sales

Model and property releases for stock images

A release is a legal document between you and the model or property owner in your image.

You’re free to use your own form or you can use our sample release forms (you can download our Model release form and our Property release form) but you need to be confident the form you use is legally binding and protects you.

You need to keep your signed releases safe, as they may need to be referenced by a customer or lawyer in the future.

If you say you have a release, you can upload it using the Dousic Image Manager. This makes it quicker for us to pass them on to customers if they’re needed. If you don’t upload the release but indicate that there is one, we’ll get in touch to ask you for a copy if a customer or lawyer requests to see it.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a release, we can still sell your images for editorial uses. If you’re sure the image can only be used editorially, you can select the ‘sell for editorial only’ button in the optional tab while annotating your images in Dousic Image Manager.

When do I need a model release?

If the person in your image can recognize themselves in any way, you’ll need a model release to sell for commercial use. This includes crowd scenes, parts of the body or silhouettes.