Ministries Sell Your Sermon, Music, and Manuscript It's Your Message

  • Sell your sermons, music & more online
  • Put samples of your sermon on the Radio
  • Raise funds easily & conveniently
  • Design and add content to your site
  • Set & change your prices at will
  • Collect profits monthly
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How do I make money using Dousic Ministry?

You make money by selling your media at a price that you choose through your Dousic Ministry store. You keep 100% of ALL of the earnings generated. How do I receive earnings from my Dousic Ministry Store? Your monthly revenue share of your sells is distributed to your bank account. When you initially set up your Dousic Ministry profile you can choose to opt out of receiving any payments. You can change your preference or your bank account from within your Dousic Ministry Store.

How do I know if items have sold on my Dousic Ministry Store?

Within your Dousic Ministry profile you will have the ability to view sales in real-time. A number of reports are also available for viewing and downloading related to sales and customers. Some of those reports include sales by collection or by product, sales by customer, or top sales, etc. With hearty controls and a sleek user interface, the Dousic Ministry packs the most powerful controls into one tool. By drawing the components together into one easy-to-manage tool, the Dousic Ministry Platform makes it possible for churches of every size to reach the world.

Dousic Ministry Social features

Sermon Radio Submission – Place a 10 minutes’ sample of one of your sermons on one of affiliates Radio stations. By placing your sermon in rotation with other great ministers. It allows you to expand you audience and congregation.

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