What’s the big deal about EBooks?

Oh, trust us when we say…” EBooks are a BIG deal!” As the world evolves, more and more members want information and they want it NOW. So, where does DOUSIC fit into all of this? DOUSIC is all about information, your stories and automation. At DOUSIC, we value the intellectual property and copyright of your book. YOU should always retain all your rights. Our contract states: "Author retains 100% of the rights and copyright licenses to the manuscript and all other materials submitted to DOUSIC" for a reason!

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Dousic makes self-publishing your E-Book a breeze.

It has never been easier for anyone to self-publish their own E-Books than through Dousic E-Store. With our Dousic E-Store, you can:

  • Create and market while fans discover your E-Book.
  • Upload your E-Book using the Dousic Author upload process (when you join as an Author 1 member).

What’s even better is the financial aspect of using Dousic as your E-Book go to because….

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YOU will pocket nearly 100% of your profits for each sale, (we only take out for the Dousic credit card or PayPal processing fee).


Make more money by setting your own pricing! With DOUSIC, you can set your own retail price, author discount, and Price Plan. You receive 100% of your author royalties. The higher you set your retail price, the higher your profit. And guess what? You set your wholesale price, too. You are in complete control!

We get this question a lot, so we figured you’d want to know, too:

How will my Ebook be available for order?

Your Ebook is available for order through your Dousic Social media profile page, all DOUSIC retail sales channels, and the DOUSIC store.