Sell YOUR Music on Dousic


With the tools that DOUSIC makes available to its members, learn how to self-promote your latest musical endeavors.

Interactive Feedback

By allowing interaction, artists are able to get real time feedback on their work.

Distribution / Sales

Learn how to get your music from one customer to the next while monitor your incoming revenue. DOUSIC provides easy steps to simplify the process. Ditch those difficult networks and do simple: Do DOUSIC!

Frequently asked Questions:

Where does Dousic distribute my music?

When you choose Dousic, you choose international music. Your music (albums, singles, beats and ringtones) will be sent around the world to territories like Canada, UK, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Russia, and more for free! Check out the full list of territories via the link below.

How does Dousic sell my music?

One word: Downloads. When you distribute your music to Dousic, you can make your music available for airplay on OllyWop, Tunein, Streema, Dirble Radio,, Rabbio, vTuner and other radio outlets.

How much will Dousic charge for my music?

Dousic wants to be sure that YOU make money for YOUR music, so unlike other services such as ITunes that charge you a percentage of your sell price, Dousic charges a monthly rate of only $10.99. Also unlike other services that set a default song rate of $0.99 per sale, you set your own price for your music. Let’s look at a comparison: (I suggest making this portion into a table like the following) I Like
Company Songs Sold Total Revenue earned Money earned by company Money earned by you
iTunes 200 $198.00 $459.40 $138.60
Dousic 200 $198.00 $0.00 $198.00

How long does it take for my music to go live on Dousic?

Faster than you can upload it! Your music is available for your fans to purchase minutes after you upload them to your Dousic store.